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Why will Jaime go back to Cersei in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5?

To kill her. He will fulfill the prophecy of the Valonqar that the maegi told Cersei when she was a child. The prophecy foretold that her younger sibling would kill her, one of the reasons she hates Tyrion, among others. She has always blamed him for her mother’s death and believes he is the little brother that will kill her, just as she believed he killed Joffrey. Jaine was actually born after Cersei, making him her younger brother. After all of Cersei’s wrongs, Jaime can no longer forgive his sister. Once he sees Bronn in an upcoming episode, Bronn will tell him she paid for his death. Bronn will try to make amends with the Lannister brothers I’d assume, but one one one he could kill both of them. This along with Cersei’s infidelities and her direct effect to the death of Tommen will make Jaime finally realize his sister needs to die for him to be a fully functioning person in society. Too many times has Jaime risked it all for Cersei, only to be treated like trash when she felt like she no longer needed him.

If the show-runners will pay attention to the political nuisances of the ASoIaF world, then the first thing that Sansa (or Jon or one of Stark advisers) will do is to get the marriage annulled. In presence of a maester, a septon, and witnesses and then it will be send to the citadel. Yes, the WW are near and so is the end but they should keep an eye on the future as well. What if they survive? In fact, there should be only one scenario in their mind - that they will survive. Jon is still the King of the North (unless he is voted out) and Sansa is his heir. In case of his death, the Winterfell will pass to her (and her family). So, if her marriage with Tyrion has even an ounce of legitimacy, it needs to be annulled, so that Lannisters will have no claim to the North. In case of Jon and Sansa’s death, the North should pass to Arya.

Game.of.Thrones S08E05 HDTV Plot : Spoilers and Synopsis

What will be the likely strategy to overcome Euron's Iron Fleet, and the Golden Company on land (and I’ll leave out the possibility of Qyburn-zombies making an appearance at about the same time as we can eliminate Bran using his new-found Ice King powers to raise the Lannister dead as wights here)… The Unsullied had good use in infiltrating castles through postern doors and hidden sea caves. Setting up a force with Arya as a hidden seed to have her go on a mass-murdering rampage while the remaining Unsullied disable the Scorpion towers in order to open up an alley of approach for Drogon. Having the Starks, the River Lords, the Storm Lands, and potentially the Vale setting up heavy seige…. trebuchets slinging incendiary stones into King’s Landing might also ruin the Scorpion’s day. Lannister forces would simply have to keep holed up (as I doubt they will be stupid enough to risk any mounted units or infantry on raids outside the walls out of range of covering fire by the scorpions.

Rumor has it that the date is April 14th. Other answers have said it could also be April 21st. I don’t think it’s going to any later because then the final episode starts to conflict with the NBA finals. Granted, in season 6 the finale aired opposite a huge finals game and for the most part held up. Though, I’m sure their ratings could’ve been even higher had the game not happened at the same time. While the NBA won’t release a playoff schedule for a few more months, playoffs usually start mid-April and run through the middle of June. GOT will probably be competing with early rounds and the NBA Conference finals which they most likely don’t care about. I could see HBO trying to work out a deal to ensure there are no major conflicts. Say a big Western Conference Finals game on the same night as the finale. Though, I don’t see the NBA giving up airing a big game say on a Sunday night. And I would think the last thing you would want for your final season/episode of such a massive show is to air opposite a huge game.

more of a symmetry thing than a decisive sacrifice/chess symbolism thing. Only Arya and Jon use swords. With the whole ‘encroaching threat’ theme of the trailer it would have been weird to have Sansa on the left. So I do think it was just purely for aesthetic reasons that they were positioned as such. When you think about it, Jon is the rightful king to Westeros. I am not quite keen on chess, so bear with me, but they would have put him in the middle if that was what they were going for. No? With the pawns on either side? Instead, I think there is something much more important in the question regarding positioning. Why is Sansa in the middle? Why did they decide to order them in that particular way? (Other than symmetry as stated above). Was it according to age? Height? The vibe I got was that an important emphasis was placed on Sansa. Jon and Arya were guarding her. She is the central figure of House Stark. Frankly, I think there is more to Sansa’s role in fighting the White Walkers. Other than luring the Knights of the Vale into the fold, that is. What her overall role might be I am uncertain of right now. Also, the chess analogy made me think of the of the setting. It is commonly theorized by book readers that something of immense import is hidden in the crypts of Winterfell. Perhaps they will discover that something. In effect, that would pissibly even the playing board and bring the White Walkers into a position of zugzwang. So, in summary I think the triangulation is not important. It was just a, reasonable, conclusion you jumped to after noting the symmetry of their positioning.

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Are There More Dragons In 'Game Of Thrones' other than Dracarys and Rhaegal?

Right now,there is only one one dragon,in “Game of Thrones”. In TV series,no. There is only one dragon right now after episode 4. Rhaegal was put down by Euron. So most probably Rhaegal ain’t there anymore. But since Euron,in the trailer of episode 5 looked surprised while seeing the sky,maybe it’s still kicking. But in books,it’s different story. There are still 3 dragons and Euron has dragon eggs.